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January 30, 2004

Exploding Whales!

Ever wanted to see an exploded whale?

Didn't think so.

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January 27, 2004

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Dave showed me these at work, and I thought they were pretty cool. This is a link to art done by Kurt Wenner, and this is a post on someone's LiveJournal which has several of Kurt's designs, as well as some by other artists. Look through the comments to find some more.

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Die Götter Müssen Verrückt Sein

I love movies. Since I've gotten a DVD player, and a real job, I've pretty much purchased every new DVD release that I really liked. There are still the classics that I don't have, but some day I'll get them too. While perusing the new & future DVD releases on amazon, I've been sad to see that nothing very good has been out for the last month or so. Today I look at whats out this week, and find nothing that I must own today, so I look at next week's. There I find this gem. The Gods Must Be Crazy! Its perhaps one of the greatest comedies I've seen. While it has been like 8 or so years since I've seen it, I've been hoping it would be out on DVD some time, since the VHS version was discontinued. Even better, I get the second one, which I've never seen for free! Walmart in Rochester better get some in, otherwise bad things may happen

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January 19, 2004

What time is it?

Hrm, it seems as if something is getting the wrong time with my server. However looking at the clock, its 10:30PM which is the right time. That last post i made should have been about 1:51, not 6:51pm. very very odd. Seems like my movable type timezone was changed some how /shrug

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My brain, its Melting

So, I'm looking for some voice synthesis chips for a project at work today, trying to find out which ones are worth getting in some samples/development boards of. They all have nifty little programs which will translate any text you enter into a .wav file, which is suppose to sound like the actual chip will. I found a demo of a company called Winbond Electronics Corp.'s chip which is designed to record sound. Here's the sound file they used (right click, and choose save Target As). Its all sort of normal, although weird until you get to the little jingle they have at the end. There's no way to describe must listen to it. Then quickly listen to some other song to get it out of your head, otherwise your brain will explode.

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January 15, 2004

mmm tests

From Bryan:

What Famous Leader Are You?

What Classic Movie Are You?
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January 09, 2004

Low and behold~

So, while I'm sitting on Everquest just waiting for things to spawn so that I may get cool new items..when I decide to visit and see if anything newsworthy has happened that I care about in the 6 hours I haven't checked the news.

First Time's Person of the Year is the American Soldier. I was kinda sort of expecting someone else, but I think its a much better choice than the runner up. The runner up was apparently Donald Rumsfeld. Again was he really all that newsworthy this year? I seem to remember him being like how
Robin Williams described him in his comedy special.."I don't know where.... I don't know when....But something terrible is going to happen...That is all." Someone tell me what great things he did to be the Person of the Year, I don't wanna dis him if he doesn't deserve it.

That leads me to the second news post I saw....The Terror Level will be decreasing!!! WOOOO. erm...what ever. I don't care. I'm pretty sure 95% of the population things the alert levels are just a damn joke, which for the most part they are. Think of some other countries that have high terrorist problems, or did in the past. Israel doesn't have an alert system, they just realize that yes, someone will blow themselves up. They have the best intelligence system in the world, and they can't stop everything. Ireland/Britian doesn't have an alert system, and I'd put the British intelligence up there with the Israelies when dealing with the Ireland.

What is it about Americans that we think we need to be told something bad was going to happen? Personally, I'd rather it just surprise the hell out of me when it happens, rather than worry about it happening all the time. I'm sure that's why Israel and Ireland/England don't have one. Its not good for your citizens to live in fear. Maybe the government is actually stopping attacks when they put everyone on high alert, but I doubt it.

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So...There go those resolutions

Last thing I wrote, I swore I'd make more updates after the New Year. That means that so far my track record for my resolutions is about 50% and its only the 8th!, but there's still time for that to change. It just happens that there's not a lot I've really felt like posting here lately. Hopefully I'll find some new and interesting things to post soon, or I'll find something that i actually have an opinion about (yeah...right).

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