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August 08, 2007

I've been so busy lately!

I've been busy this summer and have been sorely neglecting my poor blog!!

Here's a quick update of what all I've been doing:

I participated in one more bike race, a 40k time trial which I finished in 1:12:04. that gives me 18:00 for 10k, which I want to try to get down to 15-16 minutes for next year. I was very happy with how I did, considering I lost my speedometer right before the first 10k was up. (my magnet traveled up my spoke a bit) and only had time and my heart rate monitor to keep track of my pace.

I was in to Naginata's wedding, and had a wonderful time. I even managed to talk this wonderful girl I've been dating to come with me. Some of you even got to meet her!

I'm taking a 7 week summer course for my Master's, Digital Image Processing. One week left of that! Hopefully my project gets completed.

I went down to visit my wonderful girl in South Carolina, and while I was there I asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes!! So now I'm officially engaged.

Here are somepictures.

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