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January 23, 2006

Random things

First, Black Cherry Vanilla Coke is too sweet. It's not nearly as good as the cherry vanilla coke I made at the subway gas station in winamac!

Second, This warning was on my Vernors Plastic Bottle: "!Warning Contents Under Pressure, cap may blow off causing eye or other serious injury. Point away from face and people, especially while opening." My question is: Has anyone actually had a cap every shoot off one of those plastic bottles? I'd guess so, because why else would there be a warning like that if there wasnt' a law suit behind it, but it seems to me you would have to try really hard to get it to shoot off.

Third. National Outdoor Leadership School makes me want to take a sabatical from work! It's already making me think I can keep drving my car for another year, and blow my down payment on an awsome 2 week rock climbing course.

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January 16, 2006

NAIAS 2006

I had some friends up this weekend, and we went to the Detroit Auto show again this year. I wasn't nearly as impressed as before, there didn't seem to be a really good showing of concept cars. There was a focus on alternative energy vehicles, but they themselves are really all the same, something that's way to expensive to produce, and there's no infrastructure to support them now. At least with concept cars, you know there's little chance of it getting produced. What's the point of showing off cars that aren't going to be made, that run off hydrogen? Over all, I think last year's show was better. There was an interesting Mini concept that looked like it would actually have room for some people in the back seat!

We went to Dragonmead that night which was a good time! That's about all I've been doing.

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January 03, 2006

People, and Holiday Traffic

So, I realized today that it seems people forget how to drive to work after a break of more than 2 days. That's probably why we don't get much time off from work!

The way I usually go to work takes me on a 8 lane road full of stoplights and Michigan lefts, and then gets me on a limited access highway for about 2 miles, before it becomes a 6 lane road, full of stoplights and Michigan lefts....yeah, sort of sucks! But it seems like on average there will be maybe 1-2 accidents on the way a month, strangely not usually at the stoplit sections, but on the highway itself. And where I get on is the only place that merges into it before the stoplights begin, go figure. Anyway, I've noticed the last few holidays, (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break) that there were always accidents the day most people started working again. Today, I passed 2, and possibly a 3rd fender bender. It really isn't that hard people...Wake Up when you're driving someplace, or don't crowd the fugging car in front of you. Even a monkey can learn that.

Note, This also happens with the first snow fall of the year, and I'm sure it will happen again, since we haven't had any real snow/slippery roads for almost 3 weeks now.

Next, I didn't realize how bad holiday traffic had gotten on my way home from work (usually the opposite of how I get there). I guess it just progressivly got worse and worse as Christmas got closer. But to day, I was the second car at the stoplight when I exited the freeway. At Christmas time, I was sometimes lucky to make it through the stoplight to exit the freeway, and never made it past the third light with out waiting at least 2 cycles, and usually the third. Tonight I made it home in 15 minutes again, which is about 15 less than the day before Christmas.

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