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September 30, 2003

Nigeria in Space!

Here's the Story. I think it sort of speaks for it self. I would think that if your per capita income is only $290, and you are struggling to provide basic human needs to your citizens, you can come up with a better use of 13 million dollars. Maybe...i don't know....invest in your infrastructure, providing water to more people, improve your educational system, or improve your means of food production.

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September 29, 2003

Right Side of the blog

Soon, I'll get the comments page looking like I want it too, probably tomorrow if I get enough stuff done at work today.

For me, at work and on my desktop, the right side of this page looks really empty. I am running at 1280 x 1024, and its like half the page that's left! On my laptop, it looks normal, but i'm running that at 1024x768. Any ideas on what I should put there? I'm thinking maybe just make the entries span wider than they do now.

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September 24, 2003

DVD Security

So I bought some new movies on my last trip from Bluffton to Winamac. Do they really need ALL 3 sides covered with those stupid security stickers? Why must they insist on making the disc such a pain to get at? If i was going to steal the DVD I'd bring a knife with me to help me get past the shrink wrap quickly, and those stickers aren't gonna be bothering me either. Instead I get to pick at it, trying not to scratch/stretch the plastic covering (yes I'm anal about that), or pull on the "pull tab" which usually just removes part of the sticker due to its poor design.

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September 22, 2003

Its a monday

On the Wedding....

Well, after spending this last weekend getting one of my best friends married, its now monday after work. It is still sort of weird for me, since he was the first one of us to get married. All I can say is I'm glad I only had to put up with the wedding stress for 2 days. I was so tired after the wedding, I slept for 12 hours, and all I had to do was make sure a)the marriage license, b) the rings, and c) the groom all made it to the church by 1:15. Luckily for me, I didn't forget any of those, although I'm not sure what of those was the least important.

I was also happy that they had decided to take some pictures before the wedding. We got hte groomsmen + Groom's pictures taken, and then went and watched the OSU vs. BG game while the Bride and bridesmaids had theirs taken. It turns out that the guys did 2 things wrong during our pictures. We forgot to turn on the candleabra on the alter (no biggy, the women just left it off). But even worse than that, apparently in the bride's church, putting anything on the alter other than "official religious stuff" is a BAD THING (tm). They brought the flowers in while we were there, and since no one knew what to do with them, the Florist just arranged them on the sides of the alter, about where you would expect flowers to go if there weren't any flower stands there (which they had, but they were put away off in a side room and we didn't see). Luckily none of us was struck down by lightning while we were taking pictures.

The other best man and I figured out how much all the groomsmen spent on the wedding. We decided that it would be better for us to just ask for $150 from everyone and elope. Plus, you don't have to have an opinion on the color of the bows hanging from the pews! On the other side, one of the bridesmaids was quite fun to be with, good looking and single. Too bad she has to live 6 hours away. :(

On the Car....

I got my car back today, and the damage wasn't near as bad as i had feared. Ended up being about $65, oil change included so that wasn't bad at all. From what I can make out on the receipt, they cleaned and adjusted my rear brakes, and the right adjuster was stuck. Now I'm good for another 3-5k miles or so, and hopefully the brakes don't get stuck again.

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September 17, 2003

Poor Car

So, its time for the yard to get its weekly cutting. So, I go to mow, and find out its almost out of gas. I look at my can, and it too is almost empty. So I drain the little bit that's left there into the mower, and go get my keys so I can take my car to the gas station. I figure who ever buys the van I'm driving wouldn't like it to smell like gasoline. Put down the parking brake, and try to go luck. Well, it rained a few times since I parked it beside the garage, in the yard, maybe it had sunk in a little, the ground around my house is pretty soft. So I rock it back and forth a few times and try again. Still can't move real well, so I just give it more gas than normal, and it starts to move, but it just doesn't feel right, however I make it out of the yard and onto the road, but sometihng sounds awful, like i'm dragging a small animal under my car. I stop, get out, and see a nice tire mark through the yard, and onto the road. Great, it turns out that the right rear brake is locked on :( This makes it really hard to get to the dealership, which is less than a mile away. I take off the wheel, to see if I can loosen the cable any, and it appears to be run in a little tube with all sorts of bends in it. No luck there, as it is completely sealed where it runs into the drum brake, and as far as I can reach it going the other way. Now I'll have to get it towed a mile, and fixed unless some of my much more car knowledgeable co-workers know how to get it to release.

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My lack of creativity

Now that I have movabletype installed, I had to come up with some sort of creative template. Since I really suck at designing layouts, I went googling, and found this one at blogfroks. I've made a few changes to it, and I still have to adapt it to the other pages, but that shouldn't take too long, I'll probably do that tonight.

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September 16, 2003


My webserver is now up, and running moveable type. Now I just have to make this page look pretty.

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