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May 09, 2006

Bike + Car + Garage= Car + Garage - Bike

How's that for some interesting math? Let's just say it's generally a bad idea to drive into your garage with your bike still on the top of your car...

Carbon Fibre doesn't react well to sudden, jarring impacts with pressure on it in a way it was not molded for. See what happens here.

Luckily? for me, my local bike shop, Fraser Bicycle and Fitness is awsome, and they are getting me one to replace mine by this weekend, so I can still do TOSRV. Yay! I just hope something doesn't hold up an important part being shipped to them.

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May 01, 2006

I'm boring!

So I haven't posted much of anything for almost a month. I've actually been busy with a few other things, and they're taking up the time I'd spend writing short things to go here! First, I'm getting ready for a 210 mile bike ride over Mother's Day weekend. That's been keeping me a bit tired on the weekends.

Then, I recently met someone and have been spending most my free writing time corresponding with her. That, and I drove to Pittsburgh to meet her for 5 hours before we even talked on the phone. Maybe I am a bit crazy. If everything goes well, perhaps sometime she'll even discover my embarrassing little hole in the wall here. Which, even with no effort on my part, for some reason doesn't show up on Google when you search for my name. Even though it's in the address of the page.

Hopefully after my ride, I'll have more time, at least on the weekends to write more random things here.

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