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July 28, 2004

Stealth Ninja Frogs

I'd mentioned my frogs before. However, I under estimated their ninja like capabilities.

I woke up this morning, and was prepareing to empty the bladder in the normal fasion. I look down, and notice there's this brown blob in my crapper. Now, since I do have a puppy who's not house trained yet, I tend to just throw her presents into the toilets, but I usually use the downstairs one, since that's much closer. I was sort of groggy, and right as i brought it into focus and realized it was a frog, it jumped out of the toilet. I'm just happy I wasn't sitting on it. That would have been wierd.

So after chasing it around the bathroom, I finally caught the little bugger (tree frogs are sticky!) Then I took it downstairs, and threw him out side.

I think it might have been one of these, but I was a little sleepy to check it out, maybe the next time there's 4 on my porch I'll take a picture of it.

What I really want to know is how the bloody hell it got in my toilet. On the second floor. See, all my windows have screens. They don't have holes big enough for frogs. All my doors were closed, and i don't think its strong enough to operate the door nobs. That leaves 2 ways for him to get in my house. 1)climb through the septic system(doubtful) or 2) come in through the basement.

Either one of those might be possible, but still. To get from my basement to the bathroom upstairs, it has to do one of two things. It can crawl up all the inside walls, and manage to find the air vent into the bathroom, then push it open a bit (the bottom is loose). The other option is to crawl under the door between my laundry room and the basement, sneak past my puppy who would love to play with it, squeeze under the door from the laundry room to the hallway. Next, it would have to decide that going upstairs was fun, and climb the walls/stairway. Since the other doors upstairs shut fairly tight against the carpet (and are shut to prevent the puppy from chewing things if she goes up stairs), the only door that's open is the bathroom. I guess he decided my toilet was a good place to swim after all that work....

Beware the Stealth Ninja Frogs, they're planning on taking over the world.

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July 25, 2004

OMG a post!

Its time to renew my license plate, since my last name begins with R. (who ever thought up that system needs shot) I get my form in the mail, and look, its got a website I can use to renew my plates. This ought to be easy. So I go log in, and sure enough the proccess is simple.

However, when I get to the end where I get ready to pay, I notice they are charging me 50 cents extra to renew online. Now, since if I don't do it on line, I have to buy a stamp, I really save 13 cents. Do I go the cheap way, and save myself 13 cents, and not pay their "administrative fee"?

On the other hand, if I do it this way, I can probably use my MasterCard, and rack up 33 reward points! Woohooo, free points, here I come. I've only got to charge the value of my house before I can get a free round trip ticket to someplace in the US. That should happen in about....10 years.

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July 07, 2004


Two weeks ago there was a RC jet airshow here in Winamac. It was pretty interesting, and all of the jets are really cool. Most of them are worth more than my car, but I didn't get to see any of them crash (which I would have felt bad for the owner of the plane, but it would have been awsome to see!)

My favorite plane there was a working model of a B-17



There was also a stunt plane, but I didn't take any movies of it so it doesn't look nearly as cool as it was. Its actually "hovering" about 10 feet off the ground in these pictures, and was kept there for a while.

Stunt 1
Stunt 2

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July 06, 2004

Customer Service

So i had signed up for dial up, just so I can have some sort of "internet" access at my house. Its no substitute for high speed, but maybe I'll get to test if i can start playing Everquest again.

Anyway, I signed up for the service through a local "computer" store, and paid for the first month plus the $25 set up fee. (Psssssssst. I know how much work it takes to set up a new user. Its not $25 worth.)

I get a bill in the mail from the internet provider for my first month of service, + the extra days from the previous month. However, they showed NO credit of what I had paid the computer store for the first month. This is a bit odd. I called them up, and never got to ask my question. The CS lady already knew what I was going to ask, and the answer to it. To me, that says they've had quite a few people asking the same question, "What happened to the money I paid when I set it up?"

Instead of sending me something with the bill, I get to call them and ask them about it. Why not give me credit on my bill? Why not print out "if you signed up at the computer store, you can subtract 19.99 off your first bill."


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