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June 21, 2005


Spent this last weekend in Columbus and had a great time! Friday I got there about 7:00, and we went out to a bar called Frog Bear & Wild Boar for supper and to meet up with some other people. The food was really pretty good, although my ribs needed cooked for about another hour or so, they weren't tender, but the sauce was great. They also had Guinness on tap, so that made me more than one way.

They had a live band that night, but they were really pretty bad, and we left shortly after they started playing. Not because they were bad, but we wanted to head to a more happening place. After we left, we walked on down to a place called Gasworks where we spent the rest of the night. That was a much more happening place, with a great patio, which we managed to get a table at just as we got there. We had awsome timing.

Saturday was the opening day of the Vans Warped Tour. I had a super time there as well, despite having to recover from Friday night in the sun. Its not a good idea to start out dehydrated when you're going to be outside for 8 hours... It was about perfect weather for it, partly cloudy, not too hot to stand in the sun. I got there at 11:00 when the gates opened, but unfortuneatly the first band I really wanted to see play, No Use For A Name, didn't get on till 2:15. I spent the first few hour walking around, and sitting in the "main" ampatheater, which wasn't the main stage listening to some smaller, not nearly as good bands. It was fun to watch one of these bands totally chase away the crowd that had gathered to listen to some of the others. The pit area was fairly full when they started, but by about halfway through their set, there was about 15 people standing around, looking bored.

I listened to parts of some of the other main bands sets, all were good. The next one I went for was The Offspring, and they easily had the largest crowd of anyone I think. You could really tell how well a band was liked by the number of people in front of the stage to catch the crowd surfers :) It was also fun to watch about 5 people at once getting sent there in the futile attempts to overwhelm them.

The last band I stayed for was The Dropkick Murphys, which was by far my favorite! It was great to finally get to see them live, and I know I'll be going again when the tour comes to Detroit. I also got a hat, since my head was getting sunburned.../misses his hair, and their new CD which was released today, a whole 3 days earlier than people not at the tour :P

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June 15, 2005

Random things for the week

12 hours of driving, 12 hours of sleeping, and about 31 hours of gaming was a blast! We really need to do that every month or so :)

My dog survived being bored this weekend. Although when i picked her up, it looked like she hadn't slept at all. I don't think she slept much with all the other dogs barking.

The Warped Tour opens this saturday in Columbus, I'll be there for it! Finally get to see DKM live!

For anyone who cares, the President of Rose-Hulman Jack Midgley resigned on sunday. You can find out a lot of what went on with him at . He was president less than a year, and not very well liked. I hope they find someone better to fill his shoes.

My toe is still broken. I hope it gets better before I go hiking at the beginning of July.

A year ago, we had the infamous Braun health screeing/trust exercise. (Where our personal information was stolen from the wellness company, since they insisted on using our SS numbers as our identifier. Who was right? Yeah, the paraniod engineers!) My original goal was to lower my resting heart rate, but that's hard! I decided to loose weight instead once I started my new job at GD since it was an easy way to avoid most traffic by going to the gym after work. This time last year, I weighed 195, with 23.3% body fat. In Nov. I Weighed 205, and I'm sure that extra 10 wasn't muscle. I've been working out almost every day after work, and have been watching what I eat. (going from ~48+ oz. of soda a day to 0 takes off about 10 pounds!) Today I'm down to 166, and 14% body fat, only 6 more pounds to go and I'm happy. I can also lift twice what I did when I started lifting.

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