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March 30, 2005

Silly Puppy!

When you're re doing your bathroom sink, and have taken the doors off to paint, and so you can hook up a new faucet, it's a good idea to remove the TP so it doesn't get ruined by the water leaking when you don't "quite" have everything tight enough.

However, the wrong thing to do is to then stack this in you room, forgetting about it. You might hear something being chewed that just doesn't sound like one of your dog's toys. Kiera had been having some fun! She was laying in the middle of all that when I discovered her, looking just as pleased as could be. She got up when i took her picture though.

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March 28, 2005


Well, I've been sick since last friday, which sort of ruined most my plans for Easter weekend. Mom and Dad were coming up to visit since they had friday off, and we were going to do a lot of work on my bathrooms. Unfortuneatly, they ended up doing most the work, and I just felt sick all weekend :( I'm still glad they made it up, and were able to help out some.

But, since I was sick, this was the first Easter in a while that I didn't get to go to Grandma's for Easter dinner :( Now I'll have to wait till thanksgiving for more food than can possible be consumed!

I even took today all off work and basically have just slept/watched TV all day. I'm going to try to go in tomorrow, and hopefully I can last through the entire day.

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March 14, 2005

This was cool

I haven't posted for a while, but that's really because I haven't been doing anything cool and or interesting. Although, 5 or 6 coats later, my ceiling finally looks okay! It seems it wasn't primed, or hadn't been painted since the place was built. It completely sucked in the first 3 coats of paint I used, leaving it spotty looking, and really obvious roller marks. I put a coat of primer on then, and finally use some of the purple ceiling paint.

Also, i saw this on Slashdot today. Its very cool, and I can't wait till some company builds this feature into their picture editing program.

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March 01, 2005

Brominated Vegitable Oil

This is in Mountain Dew!
A Study on it.

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