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August 24, 2006

Fun on weekends!

Last weekend, I was able to get together with my cousins who I hadn't seen in a while for some fun Axis and Allies miniatures, Warhammer, and some Mario Kart!

The weekend before, I was in my best friend's wedding.

This weekend my brother's coming up, which should be a good time!

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August 06, 2006

I'm back!

So it's been a long time since I've written anything here! I've been busy the last few months, and spent time writing elsewhere, and sort of neglected my poor blog and its few readers! I've been busy riding my bike, and so far haven't managed to crash it into my garage again! (Although I did lose my car remote today while ridding! I forgot to zip up my saddle bag, and now it's laying along the road in the park. I rode it all again, and didn't see it, luckily the reason I forgot to zip my saddle bag was that I forgot to lock my car!! I had a spare key in my wallet!)

I've also been climbing a lot, and can now do most of the V2's at Planet Rock. There are a few 2+'s I can't seem to get at all though. And one or two V1's where I just can't get the problem started correctly, but if I cheat with my foot after that I can get the entire thing without a real problem. Now I just need to get myself a permanent partner to belay me, and I'll start working on my climbing technique!

Also, let me recommend a great book to read. Thud! by Terry Pratchet. I actually listened to it in an audio book from, and would also suggest getting it that way if you like audio books, or have time to listen to them. Here's a great quote from it:

"Coppers stayed alive by trickery, that's how it worked. You had your watch houses with the big blue lights outside and you made certain that there were always big burley watchmen visible in the big public places. And you swanked around like you owned the place, but you didn't own it. It was all smoke and mirrors. You magiced a little police man into everyone's head. You relied on people giving in, knowing the rules, but in truth a hundred well armed people could wipe out the watch if they knew what they were doing."

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