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February 27, 2005

Half-Life 2 is annoying me

So I still haven't beaten it yet, but it seems like every time I want play for 30 mins or so, i have to download a patch, or an update to steam. If not that, then steam takes forever to connect so the time I was going to play gets cut short. Like now, I wanted to play some at 9:45, 30 minutes later its still updating.

I actually want to beat it so I can finish some of these other games I haven't beaten, like RE4. Its really cool, yet I'm still not more than 30 minutes into the game because I keep playing other things :( I need to make a list, and just go down it till I've beaten everything on it I think.

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Last month I decided to give a try, and so far I love it. Its great for killing time when you're driving, or doing other things where you're very bored (like working!). My only complaint with them so far is that I don't really like either of the 2 subscription options. Right now, you can get either 1 audiobook, and 1 subscription to a magazine/radio show a month for $14.95, or 2 audiobooks a month for 21.95. You don't have to get a subscription, but most books cost between $15 and $30, mostly based on how long of a book it is.

I'm very close to getting a subscription to Car Talk too, since I love the show, but can't stream it at work to listen to it :(

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February 21, 2005

Things you don't expect to see on the way home from work

Chubby's BBQ Grill, a bar I pass on the way home.
The sign out front reads:
Lent Specials
50cent Happy Hour

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February 17, 2005


I won't describe it here, but if you click on this or read slashdot today, you probably saw this. If you recognize the name of the software, say Aye!

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February 07, 2005


Apparently the Garbage man arrived before I left for work this morning, but unfortuneatly it looked like other people still had trash, so I stuck mine out. I was so happy to come home and find the box of wallpaper scraps that I had suck out had been out all day in the rain! Wanna bet that's gonna make my garage smell funny since I have to leave it in there all week?

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February 05, 2005


I've spent this weekend starting the process of redoing my bathrooms and getting ready to paint. Since they were wallpapered, I had to remove that. Luckily I missed out doing that at home, but I still had loads of fun in my bathroom this weekend. (Okay, so that might sound bad...) Lets just say, I'll never wallpaper anything, just to be nice to the next owners of the place.

I spent Friday night and this morning removing the old wallpaper. Since it had been wallpapered at least twice there were many spots on the wall where the wall board had been ripped when previous wallpaperings were removed. I also discovered that there had indeed been a towel bar in the bathroom at one time, but it was removed for who knows why.

I puttied up the spots that needed it, and sanded it off tonight. This required me to buy a sander of course, so I got a Dewalt 1/4 sheet square one (Can you say overkill?) Hey, I like their yellow and black color scheme.

Tomorrow comes the priming, and I should get it all painted during the week. That will leave me with the vanity to replace, and to do something with the tile floor. I've decided that takeing it up would suck way more than its worth, so that won't be happening. That leaves a) repairing the tile, or b) putting down laminate over it. I'm thinking a, since that would cost me about as much as a tube of caulk.

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