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April 06, 2006

Shane's hotel

Here's a fun Meme from Shane, that I found via Wil Wheaton's site. There's a picture of a Hotel that Shane had found years ago at a flea market. You can read about it on his site. Anyway, here's the picture:

Shane Nickerson's Mystery Hotel

The meme is to write a short story about it, <300 words, and trackback to Shane's blog. Also, write your story before you read other peoples! (Okay, I read Wil's before I wrote mine!)

Click below to read it.

Today was a first for Carl Early and Randolph Weiss. It had taken them nearly 10 years to save up for this day, both working in the local mill's accounting offices, but now they were on their own. It was 10 till 3 and the train from Cleveland should be arriving any time full of weary business men, traveling salesmen, and the vagabonds with no real place to go.

They would welcome them all, at first.

Anything to get their new hotel and saloon off the ground. They had posted fliers at the station, and sent young Jimmy McLain their to attract the attention of the travelers. 10 years of planning, scraping together as much money as they could was about to come to fruition. The counter was stocked with cigars and chewing tobacco, the desks were all level, smooth and waiting for the first page to be hastily written on them, forever leaving tiny marks across their surface. The bar was stocked with the best they could get. They even had some whiskey stashed in the back brought up from the saloon below, but would be saving that for themselves once they had filled the hotel for the night. Hopefully they would be celebrating later in the evening.

2 years from now, they would have names and addresses of thousands of well to do business travelers. People who were rarely home. They would make out even better then. In the meantime, they would be the best place to stay around, providing everything their customers needed.

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