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October 29, 2003

I'd like to buy that, but i can't

The new $20 bill apparently doesn't work in most of the automated payment machines like are becoming popular in grocery stores. It seems that, while the government worked with the "vending machine industry, transit authorities and the gambling industry" they forgot to include the companies that made the auto pay machines. To this I say, GREAT! I've never liked those things, since I tried to buy soda in college with them. If you go to buy 2 litres and you don't put them in the bag, it complains. I've got two 2 litres, I can carry them in my arms. I don't want to have to put them in the stupid plastic bag, which cuts into your hand. Oh, if you have multiples of the same item, you can't just scan 1 item 10 times and put the others in the bag, because obviously you're trying to steal things! Then, if you're buying any Alcohol, or want to use your credit card to pay for them, you have to see the person who may or may not be standing at the cashiers stand.

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October 24, 2003

3 posts in one day

So, I've found many interesting things today. I passed my drivers test, which was easy, since they use the exact same questions on every test. I don't think i missed a single one this time, so now i'm officially an Indiana Citizen( if you call me a hoosier, I'll stab you).

I also transfered my car title/registration over to Indiana, and since i forgot to fill out and bring the Rose-Hulman license plate form, i got the boring standard plates. Now, before I actually held one of these, i assumed it was printed on metal like normal plates. It looked like it was printed and not raised from seeing it on other cars, but boy was i surprised when i got my plate! Its actually a shiny metal backing with a sticker over it! If i was so inclined, I could peel off my license plate and have only a shiny metal plate.

Next, Infinium Labs, who are developing a new type of gaming console called the Phantom had a public presentation with Q&A session. Penny-Arcade has an article about it. Here's the part that got me interested:

Next topic was protection-- keeping the user out of the Phantom's hardware and software. He very quickly listed off lots of technologies and encryptions, nothing on the software end was out of the ordinary but some of the more interesting hardware ones were "Case Intrusion Detection" and "Epoxy Encapsulation of Critical ROMs."

This makes me want to buy one just to open the thing up, and publish what's inside of the thing. With some luck, I bet a dremel will let me circumvent the "Case Intrusion Detection."

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Also, like Bryan, I'm to dumb to drive in this state too, but mine is all because I was going fast, and didn't read a question right. That, and apparently, when you are making a turn at a stop sign in Indiana, you must have your front wheels straight. I guess this is so if you get rear-ended, you end up getting pushed into traffic, instead of pushed into people, so it sort of make sense, but not really.

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Talk about a performance review!

This story was pointed out to me by Bryan. I'm sure you've all heard of Mel Gibson's controversial new film, now called "The Passion of Christ" which has been criticized as portraying Jews in a negative way (any guesses why?) According to the article, the actor playing Jesus has been struck by lightning twice during the filming of the movie. If I were him, Iíd take the hint that maybe Iím doing something wrong!

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October 20, 2003


Don't click here. I warned you. But you did it anyway didn't you? My highest score is 21! Also, this should guarantee that no real work gets done tomorrow.

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October 15, 2003

"New" frog

According to an article at, a new type of frog has been found. While I think this is interesting, and the frog sure does look pretty cool, a sentance in the introduction struck me as odd. Now I'm no authority on grammer/spelling, but I can realize when something is just stupid. Here's the part that I think shouldn't have been printed:

The small-headed creature belongs to a new family of frogs that scientists thought had either never existed or disappeared without trace millions of years ago.

Now here's my real problem with this, why is the fact that apparently no one ever thought these types of frogs existed mentioned? If know one had any idea they existed, wouldn't it also be impossible for them to disappear without a trace? I can think of many things which don't and probably never have existed. Does that mean all those fire breathing dragons really did exist, but they just vanished with out a trace?

I think it would have been much better to say an "undiscovered" family of frogs.

Now, I wonder how long it will be until I can buy one of the little buggers over the internet!

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October 09, 2003

I think I need one

I've been looking for a new watch to replace mine for a while, and have finally found one. It's almost perfect enough for me to buy. Never having to set the thing, or buy new batteries is great! Too bad its not analog :( For some reason, I just don't really like digital watches. I like to be able to just glance at it, and know about what time it is by where the hands are. If you wanted me to tell you what time it was, I'd actually have to look at it longer than if I wanted to know myself. My brain is weird like that.

I also need to invest in a developing a teleportation system to get me from Winamac to Bluffton faster. I like going home, but I can never seem to get there before 9:30 no matter when I leave. Maybe I should just stop going to Best Buy, and/or eating at Karen's (like that's gonna happen).

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October 08, 2003

Arnold Wins!

Why can't Ohio or Indiana every have someone famous run for governor?

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October 03, 2003

Nothing's happened

Nothings really important in the world has happened that I want to write about, sort of sad.

The biggest thing that Iíve been interested in is the fact that the source code for Half-Life 2 was stolen from Valve, and released on the net. Story. When I first heard of it, I though it was a rumor, or a disgruntled programmer that released it. Apparently, a hacker specifically targeted the manager of their software development team. It was scheduled to be released around the end of this month, but was pushed back to the "holiday" season. Now I just hope they can make enough changes to HL2 that we won't have to worry about serious hacking/cheating on online matches. I hope they can find out who is responsible for this, and knowing the fan base that Half-Life had/has, I'm sure there are plenty of unscrupulous people who would love to track down who did it using questionable means. If there's one thing the Internet is good for, besides being wise and all knowing, its rogue justice!

Now that I've wasted the last 20 minutes of my work day, I think its time to go.

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