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May 26, 2005

4 day weekend

Yay for my work week being over, and having a 4 day weekend this week! Also, I've got 4 day work weeks the next 2 weeks! I love my schedual.

i'll be headed home to Bluffton this weekend, with nothing much planned other than going to see Naginata on Friday night, and building my new computer(Hopefully i didn't forget to order anything, and its running stable by Gamefest...)

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May 21, 2005

Quick Drink Review

Diet Coke With Lime-
Better than Pepsi with Lemon, not as good as Vanilla Coke.

Diet Coke With Splenda-
Way better than normal Diet Coke. No annoying after taste.

I like cranberry juice waaaay better.

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May 17, 2005

That's Greek to me

I've been working out at the gym almost every single night after work since I started my new job. Being a company full of engineers, there are mostly guys in the gym every day, with few women usually 2-3.

Yesterday, an new, unusually attractive girl was working out, who hadn't been there before (at least when I am there). Today, she was there again, and 2 regulars who weren't there yesterday noticed her as well. I say noticed her for this reason:

They pretty much work out the same time I do, but usually for a longer time (one of them plays hockey, and can do the entire stack on the leg machine with one leg...). They are both about my age, and happen to be of Greek heritage, I knew one was from his name, but didn't know the other guys last name to be sure till today. Since November, I've never heard them speak a word of Greek to each other in the gym. Today, one was working out when the other walked in, and he fired off something quick in Greek to the other guy, then smiled, and looked at the girl who was on one of the exercise bikes, listening to music and oblivous to them. They then said a few more things in Greek all while casting glances at her.

I really need to learn a foreign language so I can talk about people right in front of them!

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May 02, 2005

Having Problems With What?

I was browsing the NHTSA site today and found this:

*** We do not discourage mailing applications, but be advised that the U. S. Government is experiencing problems with the mail delivery system. ***

Say what? Doesn't the US Government sort of run that postal service thingy?

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H2G2: My Lame Review

I promise I'll keep this mostly spoiler free, but lets face it, if you were a true fan, you'd have gone and seen it by now.

It was Mostly Harmless.

I went into it half expecting to be very disappointed in it since it would alter all the visions I've had of everything in my mind. It didn't exactly do that, and there wasn't really anything that made me want to throw popcorn at the screen. Not that I could have, because movie theater popcorn is about as expensive as pure gold. I was disappointed with Ford, because I'd always pictured him as another funny looking english type, but it works if you don't have the preconceived notion that everyone from england is a funny looking white person.

The only other thing that really got me was Zaphoid's second head and the fact that his 3rd arm was not used more. In fact, it would have been pretty hard to say that he had a 3rd arm, if not for the fact that I knew he did from reading the book. I do wish they had actually given him the second head on his sholder, and not under his first. We're pretty good with these special effects things now. I suppose that would have made the more expensive to film though.

I also liked the strange brodwayesque(Look, I made up a word) song about the dolphins. Call me weird, but I thought that was incredibly funny.

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