September 17, 2003

Poor Car

So, its time for the yard to get its weekly cutting. So, I go to mow, and find out its almost out of gas. I look at my can, and it too is almost empty. So I drain the little bit that's left there into the mower, and go get my keys so I can take my car to the gas station. I figure who ever buys the van I'm driving wouldn't like it to smell like gasoline. Put down the parking brake, and try to go luck. Well, it rained a few times since I parked it beside the garage, in the yard, maybe it had sunk in a little, the ground around my house is pretty soft. So I rock it back and forth a few times and try again. Still can't move real well, so I just give it more gas than normal, and it starts to move, but it just doesn't feel right, however I make it out of the yard and onto the road, but sometihng sounds awful, like i'm dragging a small animal under my car. I stop, get out, and see a nice tire mark through the yard, and onto the road. Great, it turns out that the right rear brake is locked on :( This makes it really hard to get to the dealership, which is less than a mile away. I take off the wheel, to see if I can loosen the cable any, and it appears to be run in a little tube with all sorts of bends in it. No luck there, as it is completely sealed where it runs into the drum brake, and as far as I can reach it going the other way. Now I'll have to get it towed a mile, and fixed unless some of my much more car knowledgeable co-workers know how to get it to release.

Posted by Cynan at September 17, 2003 07:54 PM
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