September 26, 2006

Hello TSA....

Okay, so calling out the TSA probably isn't in my best interest, luckily for me, they probably don't read my blog. Of course we'll see when I try to check into my flight tomorrow. I'm going over the new guidelines of what I can and can't carry onto the plane with me, since someone, somewhere might have been planning to blow up a plane with some sort of liquid, or gel.

Since I'm only planning on being in Minnesota there for one day, 30 hours or so total, I'd really like not to have to check a bag, even though I do have a wierd plastic case that I have to check. (I just *know* that's going to get me some extra stars on my boarding pass...) I really only need to take an extra shirt, socks and underwear with me, plus some toiletries.

I'm happy that they changed the rules to allow under 3 oz of products on board, since that will let me take my contact solution, and i do have a travel sized toothpaste. Unfortuneately, I have to leave my whipped cream, jello, and cheese in a can at home...

But read this wonderful quote from the TSA website

We ask for your cooperation in the screening process by being prepared before you arrive. We also ask that you follow the guidelines above and try not to over-think these guidelines. Please pack liquids, gels, and aerosols in your checked baggage even if you do not normally check a bag.

Okay, now go read the last sentance again. I'll wait... If you do not normally check a bag, please pack all liquids, gels, and aerosols in it. Something does not compute. Wouldn't it be better to say, "If you do not normally check a bag, please make sure to remove all liquids, gels, and aerosols other than those allowed below from your carry on." Or maybe I should start a new line of small, easily lost checkable doc kits.

Posted by Cynan at September 26, 2006 07:14 PM
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