September 19, 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I heard on the radio yesterday morning that Aaron Sorkin, creator of West Wing and quite possibly my favorite TV series of all time Sports Night (It ranks up there with MacGyver and The X Files...), had a new show coming out. It's another TV show about a TV show! I had just resigned up for Comcast Cable about 2 weeks ago, and got them to throw in a DVR for free. (Which doesn't work quite right, and I need to call and complain so I can get a different one, I think the hard drive in it has some bad sectors, because it will randomly stop playing things I have recorded for some reason) But back to the point...I made sure to set it up to record the pilot episode, and am now sitting here watching it. It is about a sketch comedy show that has been going down the tubes that hires back 2 writers to rescue the show. (This premise is sooo close to Sports Night, I can only hope the writing will be as good.)

(spoiler alert, if you click past here, you'll be reading my thoughts as I'm watching it for the first time).

First, the set reminds me of sports night, at least with the behind the scene footage of a "television show."
Wait....the guest on the pilot episode is...Felicity Huffman, aka Dana Whitaker from Sports Night, Awesome!
Now there's the argument between the evil studio, and the producer of the show. Producer bowed to the evil network guy, but I have a sense he's going to get revenge some how.

Haha, control room of the show also reminds me of Sports Night! And here's the first sighting of Dana...errr. Felicity. Her dialogs are well written so far, and she's about to start the monologue....or not, Producer guy is going on live to interrupt the show! His dialog is very fitting for what's happened to SNL. Lawyer guy is wigging out, and pushed around the control staff. Job security wins out over what they were thinking, like usual in corporate America. Just looked at what happened at HP, where they were spying on their own people, several board members knew it was illegal, but they still allowed it to go on.

Mmm Amanda Peet, from The Whole Nine Yards, still hot. And feisty! I like her character already.

And fastforward through the commercial. I love the DVR when it works. Dialog is great so far in this show. I think I may like it better than House, which has been a favorite for the last 2 years.

Matthew Perry, another good call for casting in the show.

It's now over, and I think I'm in love with this show, it has the great dialog of Sports Night. I just hope it won't end up getting cut like Sports Night did once it attacked this idiocy in the network TV shows (at least in my opinion). Of course since the pilot episode attacked "NBS" I think they know what they're getting in for.

Posted by Cynan at September 19, 2006 09:33 PM

While I like Sprots Night, I doubt it's better than House (also my favorite show). But if this show is up there with House, then maybe I must start watching it.

Posted by: Ash at September 23, 2006 03:29 PM
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